24 March 2011

Mind Trippin

Yea, I know it's been what? Many, many months, but I can explain. My life is off kilter and while I'm still holding on, my "mojo" took off to parts unknown; only making elusive and short-lived appearances.  Well, last night it showed up and I'm happy with the result. So, without further ado, this is what I've got

In the night time when my body's calling and rain is falling softly like the water from my pool of life; I think of you and wonder why I have to ponder and recall the nearness of you instead of having you beside me; or better yet inside me.  The fruits on the tree of life are ripe and ready for picking, but you're not here and my body's tripping at the sound of your voice speaking in my head and I yield to its direction as I yearn for your erection that arrests my mobility knowing I fight with futility the power you command over me…even from afar.

BluJewel © 2011

I'm hoping I will continue to have more creative moments; not just in poetic form, but in general.

There's light within the darkness - Smooches!


  1. You writin' to me?

    Ha, I wish!

    ~ Rasta

  2. LMAO! Of course babes! True seh me miss you ;-)

  3. Why are you teasing us ? lol We want more !!

  4. That was hot!!!!

    ...miss your writing :)


  5. You're really good! Love your writing!

    Oh and love your pic of the Atlantis resort on your layout. One of my favorite places!


  6. Hey Blu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you are back., been 4eva & A Day!...Thanks for coming around my way, hope to see you again in the comment section.


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